Come Away

is a live action Movie debut from ‘Brave’ director Brendan Chapman featuring Angelina Jolie and David Oyelowo. Designed beautifully by Luciana Arrighi (Howard’s End, Sense and Sensibility, Anna and the King, …) More about the film here on IMDb

My main focus was the Mini-Galleon. This ship had to be children’s size, but yet large enough to allow pirates to board and action taking place on various parts of it. This set piece also had to be put into an actual lake, as well as being put onto the stage. Thus we had to first build a metal skeleton onto which a timber construction was being attached. The metal skeleton was a challenge as every piece of steel had to be made up of individual parts that all come together as one. Time of course was not on our side, however we managed to pull it off.

Furthermore we had to build our main set piece of the family’s home twice, once in L.A. and once here in the U.K., including very large translights, which i got heavily involved with as well. Below are some photos of the Galleon.


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